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Our Services


Facility Management

USG Corporate can tailor a package to suit buildings of all types and sizes. We can provide full time and part time managers to help effectively run your property. We can service brand new buildings in handover to the client and formation of the owners corporation as well as establish buildings and complexes.

Concierge Services

USG Corporate provides High level Concierge Services for a diverse range of residential and commercial clients. We can provide and deliver a customised concierge solution to suit your requirements, our team is is fully trained to provide a safe and secure environment for your asset.

Caretaking & Cleaning

USG Corporate provides a customised approach across a range of residential cleaning and caretaking services. We offer unique management solutions tailored to suit your individual needs, with each asset requirements executed to achieve the highest possible standard.

Project Management

USG Corporate is responsible for the development,design,planning,scheduling and management of infrastructure projects. These projects cover a wide range from large and small projects designed to improve or repair existing and add new systems.

Compliance Management

USG Corporate can help you with compliance checks, many of which are legal requirements. We’ll assist you making sure they’re completed and documented on time so you aren’t left exposed

Asset Audit Service

USG Corporate can assist our clients with capturing, updating and maintaining key building information and data for the long term maintenance of their key assets on a collaborative basis for long term gains.

Energy Management

USG Corporate can assist you with minimising energy uses and for implementation and maintaining your energy management program. The program seeks to achieve both energy savings and provide optimum energy requirements.